Saturday, August 27, 2005


After a long hiatus without a comp( but with lots of work), I am finally back! In fact, special thanks to Kishan for putting this 'Persons Missing' notice on his website and even mailing me about it !

It was heartening to see that there are a few people who read my blog and I need to get back and start typing.

Mood: Exhilarated.
Music: Baa Baaro baaro baaro saadhanakerige...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Error 404: Host not found.

Not been able to do anything since the last 4 days. The department network admin has confiscated my computer along with 2 others' for illegally installing Linux dual boot which is supposedly forbidden by the College of Engg policies :-(( ... Don't know what is gonna happen to the comps, data and when we are gonna get them back :-((

I can't understand why they have an aversion to Linux... I had to use it once for a simulator which runs only on Linux... So now I am getting used to working in the normal workstation labs instead of my PC.

And all the sites and blogs that I used to visit were bookmarked in my PC... Now all that is gonna go I suppose... :-(

Mood : Terribly Outcasted.

[P.S: Error 404 is the message you see on the net when there is a problem with the client machine(The server is saying that you've done something wrong, such as misspell the URL or request a page which is no longer there). The origin (supposedlygiven by Tim Berners Lee who invented the web and the first browser) is that 404 was the room number in CERN(Geneva) with webservers where the Internet first started working. The first 4 refers to a client error and the 0 refers to a syntax error. However, there are contentions to this interesting myth with people saying that room 404 in CERN was used for other purposes! ]