Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meet your meat

Meat eaters of the world, arise! Awake! And see where your daily meat comes from.

See this moving video by PETA; narration by Alec Baldwin.

I used to get into the argument of vegetarianism vs non-vegetarianism a long time ago but now completely excuse myself from such a debate. The reason is that you can never convince the other person to change, no matter what the reasoning (same goes with me too; they cannot convince me to change either). Those I know who have converted to vegetarianism have done so voluntarily without anyone's advice and out of their own realizations. One meat-eating arguer I've met gives this really lame excuse for not eating meat during an auspicious month in the Hindu calendar when he wants to be pure to pray to God! Isn't (s)he contradicting oneself by saying that they are impure for the rest of the 11 months by consuming meat?!?

Anyway, it is a lost cause arguing with meat-eaters. Or maybe my arguments are not sound/unbiased enough since I was born into a vegetarian family and have chosen to remain a vegetarian purely by choice.

Ask yourself. Do you still want to eat meat after seeing this?