Friday, September 15, 2006

Join the bandwagon - screw the nation!

Will our people never realise ? Oh my God... The rest of the taxpayers have to pay for satisfying this moron's ego! Who is accountable to the national exchequer ?

Fulfilling a major election promise, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi Friday launched the distribution of free colour TV sets to the poor at Padappai near Chennai on the 98th birth anniversary of DMK founder C N Annadurai.

Speaking at the function, in which 25,245 colour TV sets worth about Rs 9 crore were given to the residents of Samathuvapuram (a colony of all communities and creeds) at Thundalkazhani village in Padappai in Kanchipuram district, Karunanidhi said Rs 750 crore had already been allocated in the state budget for distributing 25 lakh colour TV sets.

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Spending Rs.750 crore and then applying for central aid citing famine! Hypocrites. Lets see what Jayalalitha offers people if they elect her the next time!