Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Capitalists...huh... much more than that !

When I bought my first car in November 2005, we got it registered(got a license plate and all that) and shelled out about $70 . And suddenly, we get a mail saying that our license plate expires in January 2006 and we need to get it 'renewed' ! Damn... we need to get a new registration plate again from this January ! Whoa... Comon ... when we paid the same amount, the license plate is supposed to be valid for one year from the date of registration ! This is in stark contrast to the Indian system where you register a number plate after you buy the vehicle and it lasts till you scrap it !

Hmmm... Maybe this is how 'Uncle Sam' is a multi-trillion-dollar economy.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Light , funny and oh yeah, really entertaining ... Bluffmaster

When I casually started watching Bluffmaster, I never thought it would end in such a way. Seriously, Rohan Sippy has come up with an awesome family movie - I really mean that a family can sit and watch this !

There is some light comedy(haasya rasa...hmm how many clean comedies are there nowadays?) and there is some ingenuity in the bluffs...What you are totally unprepared for is the climax. And a movie without the usual mishmash of triangle-love story or stupid fights where the hero bashes 10^n goondas...

Let me not spoil things for you - go ahead and enjoy the movie yourselves !

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Back ... and still not kicking

I came back to the US on 15th night after a month long vacation in India. I was not in the least prepared for the severe bout of homesickness that was going to hit me and the jet lag which lasted for almost 4-5 days ! Whew...

Just settling down now... One work of advice to Desi grads here - DO NOT go to India for vacation in the middle of your courses... You will feel like running away when you come back!

More later.