Thursday, July 26, 2007


Watched this lovely movie 'Mostly Martha' last week. The movie is in German with English subtitles. Really worth it. Watch it at least for the lead actress ;-)

Watch the trailer here.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Garva serial DVD

Someone recently left this comment on my blog. It seems that people are interested in bringing out the DVDs of the super hit Kannada serial Garva. If you are interested in getting the DVDs, please contact Aman (details below).

For now, you can listen to the superb Garva title song, a composition by Purandara Daasaru. (I had a long discussion with a friend about the meaning of some of the words in the lyrics. Fantastic lyrics and meaning.)

Personal set of GARVA DVDs - a possible reality!
Dearest GARVA brethren,

Following tremendous pressure, support and request from you all and the like, Prakash has spoken to Etv-Kannada into actually "selling" all the 202 episodes of our favourite TV series GARVA into a collectible, personal set of 25-27 DVDs. Each set will cost a mere Rs.2000/- provided we have a confirmed list of 400 buyers in the least. Prakash has delegated me - your 'Nakul' - to garner the buyers. I need you all to turn the best Sales/Mktg professionals for this. Please send me your & more confirmations with complete contact details of the prospective buyers to only. Thanks & Regards - Aman