Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bollywood Padmashris

We are probably the only country that showers our citizens with awards - for nothing actually. The awards are bestowed for a variety of reasons - based on recommendations, caste reservations, regional and linguistic quotas, etc but only occasionally on merit or service rendered.

In the latest incident, we have decided to honour 2 film actors, and a non-entity businessman while neglecting sportsmen who really made India proud at the Olympics. Now what are the criteria for selecting these candidates? Is it just recommendation by some influential panelist or a "family-friend MP" or the media lobby that fetches you these awards? Whatever it is, these people have desecrated the high honor of the award. By accepting such awards, those who deservedly got it will have their names written on the same roster as these celebrities. As Bannanje Govindacharya who received this award this year said,
"I had not expected the award nor desired it. I got it accidentally.... I will carry on my work as usual".
Unless such people object to these committees saying that they do not want to spoil their stellar reputation by adding their names to the same list, this ridiculous hoopla will not end.